About Us

Trunkey Creek

This is where you find all-Australian 100% locally-grown pork products, totally free from antibiotic and hormone treatment.

  • All products are vacuum-packed (sausages are wrapped).
  • All Labels have ingredients and nutritional panels and meet Food Standards Australia requirements.
  • No antibiotics or hormones are used in the growing of our pigs.
  • We have all necessary Insurances in place.
  • We sell all fresh pork products, as well as double smoked hams & bacon, pancetta ,salamis, english gammon, american streaky bacon, nitrite-free bacon, English pork sausages, speck and kessler.

This web site is our first step in providing the most effective means for for us to become involved in the immediate needs of our valued customers and be able to respond in an accurate and timely fashion. We are adding content while a fully interactive e-Commerce site is being built.

(p.s. keep visiting regularly!)
Fred, Zanzie & Raewyn (Mum)