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Trunkey Creek

This is where you find all-Australian 100% locally-grown pork products, totally free from antibiotic and hormone treatment.

In 1992, Fred and Zanzie moved to their farm at Trunkey Creek as a newly married couple. Fred was working 12 hour shifts at a nearby factory, so Zanzie was left alone on the farm. This is where they bought their first pig, her name was Mary. It wasn’t long before Mary had babies and an even shorter time before they were running a fully operational piggery at Trunkey Creek. Zanzie was 8 months pregnant with their first daughter, Rebecca, and was still feeding the pigs every day, twice a day.

Times were tough because of the drought, and so they needed a way to value add to their pigs, which is when the small good factory and processing plant, known as Trunkey Bacon and Pork, was born in 2000. Fred, Zanzie and mum (Raewyn) started out doing only a few markets, mainly in Sydney. They were pleased with how the business grew and so Fred would stay home with their two young girls (Rebecca and Lauren) and Zanzie and Raewyn would drive down to Sydney to sell their products. From there the business continued to grow and continued to add employees, who were all part of the family. Eventually Rebecca and her fiancé, Brenton joined the business as well and it then became a fully family run operation as it remains today. We strive every day to produce the best quality products for our customers and take pride in what we produce. The drought has made it tough for all producers but with the continued support of our wonderful customers we will keep on going.

This web site is our first step in providing the most effective means for for us to become involved in the immediate needs of our valued customers and be able to respond in an accurate and timely fashion. We are adding content while a fully interactive e-Commerce site is being built.

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Fred, Zanzie, Bec, Brenton & Raewyn (Mum)