Gourmet family Beef Pies – 1kg


Family Size Gourmet Beef Pies – 1kg

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How to heat your pie.

If frozen place in a 160 degree pre warmed oven for around a hour approx.

If defrosted place in a 160 degree  pre warmed oven for 30 minutes approx..

Our pies are full of meat and can take a bit longer to warm. Place a knife in centre to test how warm it is after desired time.



Made with our finest grass feed beef.

In house made pies with real chucks of beef.

About Trunkey Bacon & Pork

We are a family-owned and run business. We have a Farm at Trunkey Creek.

Fred D’Souza, his wife Zanzie, and Zanzie’s Mum (creator of the popular “Mum’s Famous Sauces“) Raewyn, their daughters Rebecca & Lauren and friends make up the team of Trunkey Bacon & Pork. In 2000 when the drought took its grip and feed and water were getting scarce, we went into debt and bought the equipment to value-add to our pigs and make hams and bacon.

We now have a team of seven working in the business. We have a fully equipped and NSW Food Authority approved meat processing plant in Orange NSW. We pride ourselves on the quality of our pork and smallgoods.

We sell all fresh pork products, as well as double smoked hams & bacon, pancetta, salamis, english gammon, american streaky bacon, nitrite-free bacon, English pork sausages, speck and kessler.

You won’t find better Bacon & Pork anywhere!

Address3/68 Endsleigh Ave, Orange, NSW, 2800    Phone: (02) 6369 1381    Emailorders@trunkey.com.au