All the pork used in Gourmet Sausages is of the very highest quality Australian pork, lean but with just the right amount of fat to give it that succulent flavour and texture which reflects a true quality Sausage. Only the very best seasoning salts, peppers, herbs, and spices, blended to our very own special recipes, creates our superb range of Sausages. Our sausages are hand linked in the traditional way. We also make chipolatas sausages.

In France, there are many versions of the Toulouse Sausage. However, the main ingredients are pork, white wine and garlic. It is a rich, strong flavour with a distinctive aroma of garlic and white wine.

The most famous recipe for Toulouse sausage is the Cassoulet. Toulouse is great with pasta and salads, as well. We suggest that you do not miss them on the barbecue as they are simply delicious.

Sold in 650gm-700gm packets.

(15 chipolatas per pkt)


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